Fun with Measurement

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  • Spying on current
  • Change of color change of current
  • Good remote bad remote
  • Scream champion
  • Heat vs kit etc
  • There are more then 50+ activities in this box.
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Product Description

Why are we making the “Fun with Measurement” Science box? 

Zayan is keen to investigate things, especially electrical equipments. Is that alright? Is that thing working properly? The science kit Fun with Measurement is specially for kids like Zayan. 

 By this science kit, we are mainly targeting kids of higher class of school to solve problems. Like you are watching a game on TV, but the remote control is out of order. Which is causing the problem? The remote or battery? Your little scientist will be able to find the problem in an instant by the help of this science kit. Besides the usual experiments, there are some additional problems, which are good for their brain exercise. 

As a responsible parent you can give the science boxes to your  children for these reasons-

To do better in study  

These science boxes make the tendency of asking questions among kids. Science is often treated as a hard and dull subject to us. We usually just memorise the theories of the book and write it up on the exam. We don’t want our children to do that. These science boxes are for learning science with fun! When they will do the experiments by themselves huge confidence will be built in them and they will discover the beauty of science! Science will no longer be a thing to memorise and forget after exam. This will also be very helpful in his creative learning method syllabus. 

For developing talent 

Developing talent is a matter of practice. Our science box will put them in the practice of science experiments. When they will have the experience implementing the theories they have read in their science books, new horizon of imagination will be explored by them. We are working to create such a Talented new generation. 

To overcome digital addiction

 We have seen in our survey that the experiments of science boxes keep children busy doing new experiments, and they are facing new questions. To resolve the questions, many of them have created new science projects. These projects are shown in various science fair or festival, and they are getting praised, often they are getting prizes also. In this process their attention from digital devices is going away.

To give your children quality time 

Sometimes, we are giving our children such toys which are okay for his leisure, but not giving them quality time. Our science boxes are different. You can do these experiments along with your child. This will give them good memories and they will also learn many things. 

Why is the “Fun with Measurement”  science box necessary for your children? 

  • They will be able to do 50+ basic activities  of electricity.
  • They will be able to make new experiments and participate in science fairs.
  • They will stop memorizing and start learning science. 
  • All of these experiments are associated with different chapters of their science books.
  • They will have clear conceptions about the science  experiments they are doing. 

What theories will they learn about electricity? 

  1. Forward drop 
  2. Electrochemical cell 
  3. Current and voltage 
  4. Conductor and insulator 
  5. Variable resistance 
  6. Relation between temperature and resistance 
  7. Intensity of sound
  8. Breakdown voltage 
  9. Capacitor 
  10. Intensity of light 

Do the experiments have similarity with text books?

Yes, all of the experiments are from text books of class six to ten. It does’nt matter at what age you will give him the science box. He will learn science with fun, and always will be one step ahead! 

Apparatus of Fun with Measurement 

  1. Thermistor 
  2. LDR
  3. Resistor
  4. Diode
  5. LED
  6. Battery
  7. Buzzer 
  8. Battery and casing
  9. Wireless module
  10. Capacitor 
  11. Audio Jack
  12. Musical Module
  13. Crocodile Clip
  14. Sound sensor

What can be done with these? 

 Total 50+  activities  of electricity can be done using the basic formulas of magnet. Lets watch one of these- 

 Rest of the experiments are- 

  1. Change of Color, change of current!
  2. Is your battery a ninja?
  3. Spying on current
  4. Shocking conductor, rocking insulator
  5. Good remote, bad remote
  6. Ice vs tea
  7. Heat vs kit
  8. Light has many faces
  9. Holding charge on a capacitor

We hope, and sincerely believe that as a responsible and concerned parent you will give the Fun with measurement  science box to your children to sharpen their intelligence.  

amazing, am, amazing measurement

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Rated 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
3 total
  1. by Akash

    Rated 5 out of 5

    LED ki babe toire kore vai?????????????

  2. by Md. Abdur Rahim

    Rated 3 out of 5

    অদ্ভুদ মাপজোখ, মজার প্যারিস্কোপ ও রসায়ন রহস্য 3টি দরকার

  3. by Bacchu Miah

    Rated 5 out of 5

    বিজ্ঞানবাক্স কিনে দেওয়ার কিছুদিন পর আমার ছেলে আমাকে একদিন কিছু এক্সপেরিমেন্ট দেখালো। আমি রিতিমত অবাক। বিজ্ঞানের এত কঠিন কঠিন বিষয় এত সুন্দরভাবে ব্যাখ্যা করা আছে যে বাচ্চারা খুব সহজে কারো সাহায্য ছাড়াই শিখছে, আবার করেও দেখছে।