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Magic of Magnet

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  • Make a magic motor
  • Playing magnet music
  • Making baby magnets from bigger magnets
  • Move things without even touching them like a magician!
  • Total number of experiments are 25+
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Product Description

Why we are making the “Magic of Magnet” Science box? 


Little boy Ayan’s story is worth sharing with you. Ayan is only 8 years old. Once he took two bar magnets from the science box “Magic of Magnet” and asked us “We know that magnets of same pole repel each other. What if I always hold them down with one another? Will they be able to move away from each other?”. Then we told him about big magnets, and what can be done with the repelling power of big magnets. This is the soul purpose of the box “Magic of magnet”, to make them think, and ask questions! Magnet is an amazing thing! Experimenting with this will give children a good leisure time and make them think about many things. 


We wish and hope our children to be creative, we want to color their imagination. When they will come to know that  the theory of magnetic domain, electromagnet, attraction and repelling are not just dull theories, but fun to learn, they will be very excited! Let’s take the example of Ayan. Now he can make magnetic switches, he can make compasses, he knows all the theories of magnet which are in higher class text books. Now science is fun to him! Magnet is his favorite toy! 



As a responsible parent you can give the science boxes to your  children for these reasons-

To do better in study  


These science boxes make the tendency of asking questions among kids. Science is often treated as a hard and dull subject to us. We usually just memorise the theories of the book and write it up on the exam. We don’t want our children to do that. These science boxes are for learning science with fun! When they will do the experiments by themselves huge confidence will be built in them and they will discover the beauty of science! Science will no longer be a thing to memorise and forget after exam. This will also be very helpful in his creative learning method syllabus. 

For developing talent 

Developing talent is a matter of practice. Our science box will put them in the practice of science experiments. When they will have the experience implementing the theories they have read in their science books, new horizon of imagination will be explored by them. We are working to create such a Talented new generation. 

To overcome digital addiction

 We have seen in our survey that the experiments of science boxes keep children busy doing new experiments, and they are facing new questions. To resolve the questions, many of them have created new science projects. These projects are shown in various science fair or festival, and they are getting praised, often they are getting prizes also. In this process their attention from digital devices is going away.


To give your children quality time 

Sometimes, we are giving our children such toys which are okay for his leisure, but not giving them quality time. Our science boxes are different. You can do these experiments along with your child. This will give them good memories and they will also learn many things. 


Why Magic of Magnet  science box is necessary for your children? 

  • They will be able to do 26 exciting experiments of Magnet.
  • They will be able to make new experiments and participate in science fairs.
  • They will stop memorizing and start learning science. 
  • All of these experiments are associated with different chapters of their science books.
  • They will have clear conceptions about the science  experiments they are doing. 


What theories they will learn about Magnet? 

  1. Attraction and repelling 
  2. Effect of geo-magnet
  3. Magnetic field lines 
  4. Magnetic and non magnetic substance. 
  5. Magnetization
  6. Curie temperature
  7. Domain theory
  8. Electromagnet 

Do the experiments have similarity with text books?

Yes, all of the experiments are from text books of class six to ten. It does’nt matter at what age you will give him the science box. He will learn science with fun, and always will be one step ahead! 

Will children be able to do the experiments by their own? 

Yes. Because there are Manual books and CD in the box. The instructions are very clear, and by following them, children will be able to do the experiments by their own easily.

Besides this in our youtube channel, Onnorokom Bigganbaksho, there are tutorials of the experiments.

If there is more query, you can call our customer care- 01847103102. 

Apparatus of Magic of Magnet are:-

  1. Bar Magnet 
  2. Neodymium Magnet
  3. Compass 
  4. Switch  
  5. James clip
  1. Ring Magnet 
  2. Toy crocodile and superman 
  3. Pencil 
  4. Motor 
  5. Reed switch 
  6. Foam 
  7. Egg shaped magnet 

13 Ring Magnet 



What can be done with these? 

 Total 26 experiments of magnet can be done using the basic formulas of the magnet. Let’s watch some of these- 

  1. Magnetic Field Making Compass
  2. Magnetic switch The rest of the experiments are-
  1. Attraction-repulsion 
  2. Find the directions
  3. Power of repulsion 
  4. All the glitters are not magnetic
  5. Build your own magnetic 

9. Build a tiny little compass 

  1. Destroy the power of the magnet 
  2. Time and tide wait for none 
  3. Discover the poles 
  4. Magic motor 
  5. Daddy magnet-Baby magnet 
  6. Shift something, but don’t touch 
  7. Increase the power of the electromagnet 
  8. Jumping cable 
  9. Motor-generator 
  10. Interesting game- Flying superman 
  11. Interesting game-Catching fish is fun 
  12. Interesting game- Crocodile Game 
  13. Interesting game- True or false
  14. Interesting game- Magnetic song 

24. Project Idea- Magnetic scale

  1. Project Idea- Slow-motion magic
  2. Project Idea- Calling bell 


We hope, and sincerely believe that as a responsible and concerned parent you will give the Magic of magnet science box to your children to sharpen their intelligence.  

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Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
6 total
  1. by Tahmid Bashir Nazif

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I Love it. thank you for this. it was so fun and i can’t stop playing with it. when i saw this i say NO WAY I HAVE TO BUY IT. i was to crazy but now i am ok. thank you for this and thanx a lot bigganbaksho????

    • by Bigganbaksho

      Thank You.

  2. by Asif Ali

    Rated 5 out of 5

    My son was addicted to smart phone games. I tried hard to stop him from this bad habit but failed. Some days ago, i purchased this Bigganbaksho for my child from my local market Library. The fact is that, my beloved son is using it & now he is totally out of mobile games. Thanks Bigganbaksho.

  3. by Moinuddin Moin

    Rated 4 out of 5

    প্রডাক্ট হাতে পেতে একটু লেট হয়েছে, তাই ১ স্টার কম দিলাম। নয়তো ৫ এ ৫ ই দিতাম৷ চুম্বক পছন্দ করলে মাস্ট কিট।

  4. by Rouf Chowdhury

    Rated 5 out of 5

    This box is really great! It is full of fun experiment as well as very educative. My son liked this very much. But one thing I must have to say, some experiments are not up to the mark. Like the superman and crocodile experiments. There are scopes to improve these. I am waiting for new exciting kits!

  5. by Annanya Sannal

    Rated 5 out of 5

    bigganbakso kenar por bacca ekon tv dekhar ceye bigganbakso niyei besi somoy katacce. 10q bigganbakso.

  6. by Zahid Hasan

    Rated 5 out of 5

    My son was addicted to smart phone games. I tried hard to stop him from this bad habit but failed. Some days ago, i purchased this Bigganbaksho for my child from my local market Library. The fact is that, my beloved son is using it & now he is totally out of mobile games. Thanks Bigganbaksho.