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Color of Light

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  • Make your own periscope
  • Learn different ways of creating rainbow
  • See the world in new color through color glass
  • +20 more exciting experiments
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Product Description

Why we are making the “Color of Light” Science box? 

Let’s hear the magnificent story of Sohom! Sohom reads in class one. But he has learned the formula of the reflection of light in this very small age! How come that is possible! He has learned this from the exciting experiment of Periscope of the box “Color of light”. Wonder how rich the world of his thoughts has become?

We wish that the world of imagination of our children would be colorful. When they will come to know that theories of light, like reflection, reflection, scattering etc are not that hard, rather a matter of joy, they will learn the chapter of ‘Light’ in their physics book very easily. Here, our wonder kid Sohom has already learnt that the mirrors of periscope have to put in 45 degree to see the objects out of reach. He has also learnt making new colors by mixing the fundamental colors by Newtons color wheel. Learning Science is now fun to him! 


As a responsible parent you can give the science boxes to your  children for these reasons-

To do better in study  

These science boxes makes the tendency of asking questions among kids. Science is often treated as a hard and dull subject to us. We usually just memorise the theories of the book and write it up on the exam. We dont want our children to do that. These science boxes are for learning science with fun! When they will do the experiments by themselves huge confidence will be built in them and they will discover the beauty of science! Science will be no longer a thing to memorising and forgetting after exam. This will also be very helpful in his creative learning method syllabus. 

For developing talent 

Developing talent is a matter of practice. Our science box will put them in the practice of science experiments. When they will have the experience implementing the theories they have read in their science books, new horizon of imagination will be explored by them. We are working to create such a Talented new generation. 

To overcome digital addiction

 We have seen in our survey that, the experiments of science boxes keep children busy doing new experiments, and they are facing new questions. To resolve the questions, many of them have created new science projects. This projects are shown in various science fair or festival, and they are getting praised, often they are getting prizes also. In this process their attention from digital devices is going away.

To give your children quality time 

Sometimes, we are giving our children such toys which are okay for his leisure, but not giving them quality time. Our science boxes are different. You can do this experiments along with your child. This will give them good memories and they will also learn many things. 

Why Color of Light science box is necessary for your children? 

  • They will be able to do 25 exciting experiments of light.
  • They will be able to make new experiments and participate in science fairs.
  • They will stop memorizing and start learning science. 
  • All of this experiments are associated with different chapter of their science books.
  • They will have clear conception about the science  experiments they are doing. 

What theories they will learn about light? 

  1. Reflection of light
  2. Refraction of light 
  3. Scattering of light
  4. Newtons color wheel
  5. Fundamental colors
  6. Total internal reflection
  7. Light absorption

Does the experiments have similarity with text books?

Yes, all of the experiments are from text books of class six to ten. It does’nt matter at what age you will give him the science box. He will learn science with fun, and always will be one step ahead! 

Will children be able to do the experiments by their own? 

Yes. Because there are Manual books and CD in the box. The instructions are very clear, and by following them, children will be able to do the experiments by their own easily.

Besides this in our youtube channel, Onnorokom Bigganbaksho, there are tutorials of the experiments.

If there is more query, you can call to our customer care- 01847103102. 

Apparatus of “Color of Light” are:-

  1. Pinhole Camera Box
  2. Bouncing Ball
  3. Mirror
  4. Periscope box
  5. Kaleidoscope box 
  6. Flash light
  7. Stroboscope 
  8. Motor
  9. Lens
  10. Battery and Casing 
  11. Color wheel 
  12. Funny glasses 

What can be done with these? 

 Total 25 experiments of light can be done using the basic formulas of light like reflection, refraction etc. 

Lets watch some of these- 

Rest of the experiments are

  1. Light Bounces!
  2. Mirror effect
  3. Solving Cipher
  4. Millions of you
  5. Mission periscope 
  6. Kaleidoscope beauty
  7. Distract light from it’s way!
  8. Bend Pencil virtually
  9. Coin magic
  10. Change the direction of an arrow
  11. Rainbow with mirror
  12. Rainbow without science box!
  13. Rainbow again!
  14. The goggles
  15. Do you see what I see?
  16. Once more, do you see what I see?
  17. Reflection and Refraction at once.
  18. Stream of light
  19. Stroboscope
  20. Flame without fire
  21. Capture Forged note

We hope, and sincerely believe that as a responsible and concerned parent you will give the color of light science box to your children to sharpen their intelligence.  


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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
9 total
  1. by Mahmudur Rahman Rial

    Rated 5 out of 5

    It’s really wonderful kit….

    • by Bigganbaksho

      Thank You.

  2. by Tayed

    Rated 5 out of 5

    I loved it. I am a science lover.

    • by Bigganbaksho

      Thank You.

  3. by Abdullah Al Mobin

    Rated 5 out of 5

    It is so good.I also loved it.

    • by Bigganbaksho

      Thank you very much.

  4. by muhammad.ibn.sharif01 (verified owner)

    Rated 5 out of 5

    A great assemblage of fine tools for experimenting with light- specifically, the color of light as the name of the set implies. The supplied laser diode wasn’t working at first but the support was helpful and I managed to fix it with their help 🙂

    • by Bigganbaksho


  5. by Jihadul Islam

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Great idea you have brought

    • by Bigganbaksho


  6. by Abaan Tahmid

    Rated 5 out of 5


  7. by Zerin Sehtaj

    Rated 5 out of 5

    আমার ছোট্ট একটি ভাগ্নি যার বয়স ৬ বছর।আমি ওকে বিজ্ঞান শিক্ষার প্রতি আগ্রহ আনার জন্য কিনে দিয়েছি আলোর ঝলক । বিজ্ঞানবাক্সটি হাতে পেয়ে খুব আনন্দিত ও এক্সপেরিমেন্ট গুলো করার পরে আরও বেশী আনন্দিত।সেই সাথে আমিও আনন্দিত।তাই আমি বিজ্ঞানবাক্সকে ধন্যবাদ জানায়।

  8. by Said Aman Bashir

    Rated 5 out of 5

    হাতে কলমে বিজ্ঞান শেখার জন্য একটা চমৎকার জিনিস। আমার ক্লাস টু পড়ুয়া বাচ্চার জন্য অনলাইন থেকে আলোর ঝলক বিজ্ঞানবাক্সটি কিনে দিয়েছি। সে খুব আগ্রহের সাথে এক্সপেরিমেন্টগুলো করেছে, অবশ্য ওর আম্মুর হেল্প নিয়ে। সবচেয়ে মজার ব্যাপার হল গতকাল সে এই বিজ্ঞানবাক্স এর একটা উপকরণ ব্যবহার করে গতকাল একটা জাল টাকার নোট ধরে ফেলেছে। ধন্যবাদ বিজ্ঞানবাক্স কর্তপক্ষকে এমন একটি ভাল উদ্যোগের জন্য।

  9. by Kalam abul Azad

    Rated 5 out of 5

    পিনহোল ক্যামেরাটা বাচ্চা ঠিকমতো বানাতে পারেনি বলে বেশ মন খারাপ করেছে। বাকীসব নিয়েই স্যাটিস্ফাইড।